love kills hate love kills hate

Every day, thousands of Christians face persecution for following: Jesus.

And, just like Jesus they have only one weapon to fight back with: love.

They forgive those who persecute them. But, it isn’t easy. So, how can you support them?
You can pray for them. And, you can help them.

Are you ready to help them do battle? There can be only one winner: love.

Loving those who curse you

When Anna told her parents that she had become a Christian they told her to leave home.

Anna was just 13 years old!

Discover how Anna dealt with rejection and help young Christians like her to make a fresh start in life.

Read Anna's Story

Forgiving your enemies

One Sunday morning a mob of villagers interrupted Pastor Priyantha’s service. They beat him up and threatened to kill him.

Pastor Priyantha is fighting back with the only weapon he knows how to use: love.

He forgave his enemies and is continuing to share the gospel in his village.

Read Priyantha’s story

Praying for your persecutors

Samariya’s husband abandoned his family when she got sick. As a last resort, she went to a Christian prayer meeting and asked God for healing.

God answered her prayers and she gave her life to Jesus.

For Samariya, following Jesus means living in hiding and poverty. Yet, every day she prays for those who made her suffer.

Read Samariya’s story


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